iWatch, Apple is testing various methods of charging

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Very interesting details on the charging mode of iWatch: it reveals a report

We do not know yet if iWatch in both Apple’s plans for 2014 , but we’re confident that what’s in store is really interesting: we have seen several times bitten apple declare that, if they had not been provided for the sensational news for products that would due to release on the market, these products were never sold, in fact, it was this reason that led to the delay of iTV and the same smart watch.

appleUntil now, we knew only that the new iWatch would be lighter, more durable and obviously connected with iPhone , today we add to these rumors rumors on different charging modes that would be testing Apple : the company has not confirmed anything and hardly it will, given the silence that always surrounds its new products, a report published yesterday, however, really puts in evidence that it is not yet certain how the clock will be charged.

Ordinary solution ( lightning ) or something new? In short, what they have in mind in Apple? One of the many solutions could be the magnetic induction charging: the ‘ clock would then be placed on a magnetic station, there could be half the use of solar cells included in the display: it is a patented technology that Apple has in the past and which is therefore not to exclude (also because the presence of a curved screen would make such technology easily implemented). In addition to these methods, Apple is also considering the possibility of exploiting the movement : on the basis of this, it could be just the movement of the arms to reload the smartwatch.

They are all very interesting rumors: what would be, in your opinion, the best one for charging smartwatch?


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