iPad stylus brush that gets in the way! Tick ​​a new Apple patent

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iPad will never have a stylus like the one that emerges from this patent?

This is not the first time that Apple registered a patent for a stylus compatible with the iPad , but that does not mean that we should set aside the patent in question, we are always in the presence of a stylus , which, however, could also become a kind of brush, if necessary, the patent states, in effect, that the device is an “input device with nib extensible, made ​​of conductive material such as metal or mylar”.

techAll very interesting, you say, but we find it difficult to think of a possible way in which Apple could integrate the pen with the operating system : the registration with the U.S. Patent And Trademark Office has been made, but could be materialized as the patent, especially when you consider that it is not the first time that Apple settles licenses that?

A stylus for artists

All the press does nothing but talk, however, of a stylus for artists , just after reading the description of the shrewd device : stylus comes with features multi-touch but also light sensors able to pick the colors (one of the many functions illustrated, in fact, is precisely what is to identify the color of real objects), then the fact that the stylus can change its point – like a brush – leaves little room for doubt: you can adjust the width for make thin lines and thick lines, but not only.

It is not end here: in the patent are also visible features such as gyroscope, accelerometer and other features that will appeal to the creative player. We hope that the patent remains not just relegated to the lists of the U.S. Patent Office but a reality!


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