HTC working on three wearable devices for 2014

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Smartwatch and bracelet to listen to music at the Mobile World Congress 2014 HTC.

It’s nothing new that even HTC is focusing a lot on wearable devices, as well as is not news that 2014 is an important year for this type of technology : all the industry giants are engaging, despite the failure of Samsung Galaxy Gear, and certainly will see some good in the coming months.

GadgetSome time ago had been the president of the company, Cher Wang, speaking of the possibility that HTC would throw in this area: the statements were made ​​in the Financial Times, to which Wang had said that he would be released not only a tablet “nice and disruptive” but also a wearable device different from the masses, these statements today in addition gossip very interesting, thanks to what is revealed by Bloomberg.

The site has talked about, in fact, no less than two smartwatch and an electronic bracelet to listen to music : the former does not surprise us at all, because the smart watches will be the device of this year and in 2014, the third, however, could prove to be a big surprise because it represents something original in a river of news related only to Google Glass , rumored to iWatch and various smartwatch (except for a few bracelet Nike , but with interesting biometric functions).

Characteristics of the two smartwatch HTC

The report speaks of a smartwatch very similar to toq Qualcomm and another based on Google Now , therefore handled through voice commands and used primarily to obtain information: it was said that Google was interested in launching a watch with Google … Now that he has entrusted the production to just HTC? The Mobile World Congress 2014 will tell us everything.


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