HTC will also have its “wearable” product this year

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Speaking of technology products that we carry such as smart watches or spectacles, and relate them to technology companies, is something we will be seeing more and more. For HTC not surprising, but it is a company that anime too out of business phones, tried with little success in tablets and quickly returned to his principles.

TechnologyPeople from Bloomberg tells us that the representative of HTC, Cher Wang, announced that the Taiwanese company is launching a product of the characteristics described before year’s end. Possibly it is a smart watch – and went ahead in October – which can be well related to their phones, and it is more likely to be available at Christmas time.

Very soon we learned of its development, or too late scheduled to go on sale. We hope it is innovative enough to make noise at that time, which we are sure there will be many options on the market. We can imagine a second generation Galaxy Gear 2 this month, or a long awaited by Apple iWatch.

Battery and screen are the two key points of this product For HTC the main problem with these devices is autonomy, and somehow the screen you choose to keep them alive. Use LCD is gaining in quality, but also eat more battery which can make a choice based on electronic ink. These two points are priorities for HTC, and solved when the product will become a reality.

The strategy of the company in 2014 will also be supported by a new approach in the catalog and advertising – and that will tell us – and the successor to the HTC One, the network is the plague of rumors and leaks.


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