HTC Grip, the first fitness tracker HTC was presented at MWC 2015

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HTC has not made a smartwatch, but an advanced GPS fitness tracker. It is also very nice, I can say.

HTC Grip is a product that we waited for a while ‘time – a wearable created by HTC, well known for its ability to produce beautiful gadget, aesthetically impeccable. But it is also a fitness tracker useful, in addition to being beautiful? Let’s find out together.

gadgetMost smartwatch, to be honest, is quite disgusting as fitness tracker. Not because they are not very precise, in fact, they are usually well better than a smart band, but because they are big, bulky and uncomfortable. Not so the Grip, which even keeps a display, and remains comfortable even when we are jumping, running, doing parkour or a nice bike pulled. It could certainly be even thinner, but we have seen worse.

HTC has entered into partnership with Under Armour, famous brand of clothes for fitness outdoor and indoor. Grip has indeed philosophical similarities with the type of products offered by UA, and by that I mean that it is full of determination and has an aggressive style, which gives the charge. Fiction and training, all in one package.

How it is done and how it works

The finish is two-tone, and looks like a contraption out of the set of Star Trek. Smooth, has a machined surface with a ribbing in relief, characterized by a geometric design. At the top there is a curved display, and inside there are 5 sensors including a GPS. There’s the reader’s heartbeat, which is still quite disgusting in these small fitness tracker and is outclassed in every respect from bands with heart rate monitor.

The GPS unfortunately is a battery-eating, and you have to turn it on only when you use it, maybe to make a run or a bike ride. But do not think you have an autonomy useless to your business: with GPS on lasts 5 hours, which I would say are more than enough in a training session, although maybe not for a long trip to the mountains – but there still would take the phone , whose navigation data can be communicated. Without GPS device “survives” for 2.5 days. The Grip records all relevant data, such as the path taken, the steps, distance, speed, calories burned.

Like all fitness tracker is meant to be used for a long time, for days, weeks and months. During this time he can learn about our habits, and begins to tell his suggestions, compiled by experts in the field of sport.

There are three sizes and the cost is $ 199.


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