How to Install Flash Player on Android 4.4 with Firefox

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Adobe Flash Player is not compatible with Android 4.4 initially KiKkat, and although many this will give them the same, the fact is that there are still many web pages showing your Flash content. Everything has a solution, and now returns to the load Firefox. Version 27 (Flash) program can be installed as a plug-in in this browser. I explain the steps that you must follow!

appsFirst you need to install the current version of the official Firefox browser you’ll find Google Play Store and bottom button installation.

Then install Flash Player. Adobe offers a file for previous versions of Android . I used a hacked version of Flash Player that I found in the XDA Developer website. The process actually should work with both versions.

To correctly display the Flash content, you must enable the plug-ins in the Display Settings section within Firefox. Some websites can recognize if your mobile device or user is trying to access and block web content.

However, the desktop version of the page will allow you to avoid this problem. In the menu you can change how you display it. The Phony Firefox plugin also lets you change the user manually.


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