How to improve your Facebook statistics?

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As you know, statistics Facebook or Facebook Insights will show the impact achieved by your Fan Page. In this blog post I will share with you 4 ways to optimize your Facebook metrics through experimentation, so you can find your way to growth from the preferences of your audience. Here we go!

Some facts about Facebook Statistics

Before entering fully into the tips on how to optimize your Facebook Insights, you should briefly review what can offer the service metrics of the Social Network. So we begin by saying that access to this information.

At the same time, it is important to know what these statistics Facebook that is why it is important that you check periodically. The answer is: they serve to understand how users interact with your Fan Page, and this in turn helps you to guide your decisions when choosing the type of publications that will share and your schedule to post.

Facebook Metrics give you information about the performance of your page, through which your data as posts that generate a greater number of interactions are part of your audience. They also let you know at what times you get more dynamic reactions from the audience, so you can make sure you share content at those times.

Having this kind of data is essential to guide your editorial strategy. For example, you can analyze your various publications and review what they have obtained a greater number of Likes, Comments and times that have been shared. That way you will have the possibility to create more similar to those that have achieved a greater amount of favorable reactions from your audience postings.


Now we go a little further: what data you provide Metrics Facebook on each of your publications.

As you may have noticed, the data you can get are several. The number of people reached by your publication informs you about how many users have actually seen your post. This gives you an idea about the effective reach of your content.

The number of people who clicked on your post you used to know the effectiveness of your calls to action. It also gives an overview of the efficiency of your communication efforts on Facebook to increase web traffic to your site.

The number of people who gave Me Gusta to your publication that commented or have shared with your contacts is an indicator of the effectiveness of your content when generating engagement. In other words, it tells you how much your publications are interested in your audience.

Finally, Facebook Metrics offer data on the impact the videos you share your Fan Page. For example, you can know how many times they have been played. As we said above, all this information will allow you to discover what are the contents that you should share on your page to arouse favorable reactions in your audience.

For more convenience, or to keep a detailed record of the evolution of your Facebook account, you can export your Statistics. You must consider your Facebook statistics will only be displayed when you have at least 30 followers on your Fan Page. Need to increase your number of fans?

4 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Metrics through Experimentation

Now that you know that is the importance of reviewing your statistics Facebook, I will share with you four experimental techniques that can help you improve your Facebook Insights. The advantage of experience is that you can set different variables until you find the method that will bring greater benefits to your Fan Page. Let’s start!

1- Try different extensions in your Facebook Posts

At this point, it is to answer the question: should I write short or extensive updates for greater engagement? The truth is that both possibilities can be very effective according to your audience, so I advise you experience to know the reactions of users. The maximum limit of characters that can be used for each update is 60 thousand, and there are certainly pages that show a great success sharing vast estates every day.

At the same time, it is important to consider from what devices the bulk of your audience connects, since the vast estates are not very comfortable for viewing from mobile devices. In fact, thinking of the people accessing your Fan Page from their phones, it is best to keep an area of about 160 characters. But the last word will your audience, so I suggest experimenting different lengths for your posts and analyze your Facebook Statistics what or which ones work best with your audience.

2- Evaluate the impact of different types of updates through your Facebook Statistics

Here it is to test different types of posts you can share on Facebook, more interested to learn what your audience. It is generally advisable to keep a variety regarding your content to social networks, but within it there are several possibilities that are worth trying. In fact, the most effective categories in terms of engagement are:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Questions
  • GIFS
  • Related Links

Therefore, I advise you to try with each and examine the results on your Facebook metrics. In addition, I suggest you read our article on how to understand the algorithm Facebook to get good marketing results. That way you will get a clear perspective on how your content can be received by the public, taking into account the latest updates of the Social Network.

3- Find your best times to post on Facebook

Another very important thing is when optimizing your Facebook Insights point has to do with the schedule to post on Facebook. It is about finding the moments of the day in which the majority of people who compose your audience are connected. To this end you can analyze what day and time you shared your updates most successful state in terms of interactions (Likes, Comments and times that were shared) to use these parameters times in the future.

As we said above, each audience has its own characteristics. That is, it is not the same as your Fan Page represents a brand of women’s clothing, or promotes food products for older people, since habits times each target audience will be very different. However, we can say based on different analytical research, the least popular days to share on Facebook are on Saturdays and Sundays (though, we insist, it is best that you make your own experiments to know your audience).

4- Offer innovative proposals to your audience

In addition to the above, to improve your statistics Facebook is very advisable to surprise your audience with unexpected and fun proposals. To this end I recommend you try two applications Social Tools , whose activation will also enable you to create a database of your followers , will help you increase your Likes and will serve to plan your next campaigns advertising on Facebook . Those applications that I recommend are:

  • Create a test on Facebook: in this case, it is invite your fans to answer questions from a questionnaire, for example, know their personality traits, or how much they know of an issue. In this regard, I advise seize the most important dates of the year and the most popular topics of the moment to plan your test. For example, you can propose to your followers to demonstrate “how much they know Star Wars” or what famous movie character would, from his personality. This will greatly promote the level of engagement, which will be reflected in your Facebook metrics.
  • Surprise your fans with Coupon Discounts: in this case, the proposal to improve your Facebook Insights is to offer your followers Facebook one discount coupon on any product or service of your business. Providing a benefit is the best way to promote your store and pique the interest of users at a time. At the same time, you get data from your audience and you increase sales of your business. Great! Do not you think?

I suggest you experiment with these four points that I have shared with you and you evaluate your stats on Facebook which content, schedules and quantities of text work best on your Fan Page. Then you tell us!

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