How to Improve iPhone Battery Performance

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As smartphones keep improving, it is likely that manufacturers will find better and better technologies to improve battery performance and keep the phone running for longer. The iPhone has had a particularly poor history when it comes to battery life, but that is quickly changing. With the release of iOS8 it is no possible to track and monitor battery life by which app is consuming the most power. While knowledge such as that can be incredibly useful, it does not solve the actual problem of short battery life. Below are a few ways the average iPhone user can keep their battery in check.

App Management and Control

App management is the best way to make sure that the iPhone stays powered up for as long as possible. Apps running in the background or apps that are very resource-heavy will drain the battery quickly. Make sure to get rid of unused apps, and turn off background functions for all non-essential apps. This includes setting social media apps to manually update, and turning off push notifications for any app where they are not completely necessary. In addition, turn of Background App Refresh in the iOS8 settings menu in order to keep apps from draining massive amounts of power when the phone is idle.

Data and Connections

Even if the phone is not actively connected to a certain feature, such as Bluetooth, having these features on drains the battery at a quick pace. Turn off all connections when not in use. Bluetooth, personal hotspot and AirDrop should all be disabled unless they are specifically needed. Wi-Fi should be used whenever possible for browsing the internet and downloading files. If Wi-Fi is able to be used frequently, turn off 4G and LTE functions in order to ensure maximum efficiency when using data. Unless they are used frequently, disable location services to prevent your phone from updating its location often and wasting precious battery. Not only will these tips help extend battery life; they will also help keep data plans in check for the average consumer.

Other Power Drains

The phone’s battery can drain surprisingly quickly when the phone is idle. To prevent this, it is important to get the phone into standby mode as quickly as possible. Set the autolock feature for the shortest possible interval, and resist the temptation to check the phone every few minutes. If the phone is configured to display a notification on the lock screen, there is no need to unlock the phone and pull it out of standby mode every few minutes. In addition to a short autolock interval, make sure that the screen’s brightness is reduced, and that auto-brightness is turned on. Finally, disable dynamic backgrounds, a feature that has proven to be an enormous power drain.

Following these tips can dramatically increase an iPhone’s battery life. However, nothing will extend the battery life as much as a little willpower. If the number of times the phone is checked is reduced, it will go a long way to keeping battery around for when the phone is actually needed. Willpower and proper configuration can ensure that the phone keeps going as long as possible. Save your battery on iOS8 by liGO

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