How to host a website!

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Before uploading your internet page, choose a domain name and hosting to host the files. We explain the basics of every aspect.

“The first thing you need to host a web page is a domain, i.e. the name you give to the web.”

Steps to host a website

To host our website, we have to clear two major themes, the domain and hosting.

In this post we are going to make a guide in order to get a general idea on how to host a website. The details depend on each server, so you have to choose a different steps in each case.

Choosing a domain

The first thing you need to host a web page is a domain, i.e. the name you give to the web. In addition, we must choose the. There are many types (.Com,.Edu,.Au,.Org,.Net …) In principle, we can choose any of them, but sometimes you can ask a series of demands to meet that specific extension.

Among the extensions, we will analyze the meaning of the main ones:

  • .Com: It is primarily aimed at companies and businesses
  • .Edu: Ideal for sites related to education
  • .Org: Will be used by sites that do not seek to obtain benefits such as NGOs.
  • .Net: We serve pages oriented to the Internet …

On the other hand, there are countries extensions (.S, .Ar, .Mx, .U.S. etc..)

Between the domains, we can choose free or paid. Generally, in free advertising we have to endure, or extensions to the name. For example, if we create the page, it is possible that if we register a free domain, have to call However, a domain costs just a few euros a year, so it should not be a problem if we want to make a decent website.

Another major advantage of using a domain that payment is much better positioned in search engines.

Choosing a hosting

A hosting is where our website is hosted, i.e. the server or computer that keeps our data to be available online.

If you have a good connection and want to configure your computer as a server, we can do without resorting to pay, but we must bear in mind that should be online within 24 hours.

Anyway, this is not too feasible, especially when you consider that an economic server.

To know the type of hosting you need, we have to know some terms of how to choose the right one.

  • Web Space: Is space available we will keep all the files that make up the website.
  • Monthly transfer rate: The amount of data (expressed in megabytes or gigabytes) transferred the hosting visitors as they enter the site, and is closely related to the weight of each page. For example, if a page weighs 0.05 megs, each visit will consume 0.05 megs, so if you received 100 visits consumed transfer rate is 5 megabytes.
  • Database: They are usually used in forums and the like to save log data and others.

In principle, these aspects we are ready to look for a domain and hosting that meets our needs. Now we have only to search the Internet a web hosting company that meets us in value. Visit for more tech news.


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