How to Create Effective App Push Notifications

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Mobile apps are an essential part of our everyday lives. From helping us be more productive and manage our lives more efficiently, to being a way to connect with our favorite businesses, the majority of us use apps daily.

We also likely manage our own apps as well. For example, most small businesses develop apps now, as well as website publishers and bloggers.

Aside from simply creating a great app, there are things that can be done to more effectively engage your audience with these platforms. One way is through push notifications, which are messages that appear on a mobile device if someone has downloaded your app.

The following are some of the best ways to maximize push notifications and connect more effectively with the people who have downloaded your app.

Segment Users

Rather than sending out universal push notifications to everyone who has downloaded your app, it can be much more effective to send out segmented messages. To do this, you can have users opt-in to certain categories. This will make sure your messages are getting to the people who are interested and aren’t frustrating those who aren’t.

If you consistently send messages to people who aren’t interested in them, you might face some users who grow increasingly aggravated by your app and your brand.

Use Them To Learn

Along with segmenting messages based on opt-ins, you can use the messages themselves to gain insight into your customers and their behavior. Push notifications allow you to gain insight based on analytic tracking, so you can see what groups were most engaged with and what they weren’t.


Timing is everything, so you need to make sure you’re smart with when you’re sending messages out. You don’t want to be sending people notifications in the middle of the night because they’re not only ineffective but also annoying.

Instead, using Local Push settings to make sure your messages are going out at optimal times regardless of where in the country or the world your audience is located.

Also, think about your audience and when someone is most likely to engage with your notification. For example, the timing for push notifications targeting college students is going to be different than a message targeting employees in the corporate workforce.

Integrate Location

When people are installing an app, it will offer location opt-in permissions, and you can use this to hone in on your audience and personalize your message even more. You can combine location data with behavioral data and provide users with specialized invites, for example, or notifications about events happening in their local area.

As a final note, you can also use push notifications to alert your audience of when new content is available. It’s a really good channel for doing this, and you can use these notifications not just to let people know if there’s new content on the app itself, but on your website or social media pages.

There are so many useful ways to use push notifications to engage people who have downloaded your app, so don’t let these opportunities go to waste.


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