How Sony and Microsoft want you to play games on your PC consoles

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Sony has announced the arrival to PC PlayStation Now service, and it was with the launch of an application already available in some European countries, and will gradually reaching everyone. With it, PC gamers can play streaming games the PlayStation 3 without having the console.

The move coincides with that given by Microsoft a few months ago announcing its Xbox Play Anywere, that even being a totally different service is also a new attempt to bring your system to PC gamers. So today let’s review the proposals of both companies regarding desktops, and what are the fundamental differences between the two philosophies.

Sony bets on games in the cloud

Sony based its strategy to play PlayStation games on PC on two key points, the new streaming service just presented and using remote console on the PC. This second takes time and can be done by its function Remote Play through our WiFi connection, and basically run the console using the PC as a screen.

how-sony-and-microsoft-want-you-to-play-games-on-your-pc-consolesYou need to use it is to have, in addition to the PS4 and a computer, a wireless controller DualSock 4, a USB cable to connect to PC, account Sony Entertainment Network and a connection capable of providing a speed of up and down by at least 12 Mbps for streaming succeed.

On the other hand we have the new service presented yesterday, a new step forward to conquer PC users removing from the equation the need to have a console at home to play their games. All by counting PlayStation Now, whether renting specific titles or accessing a catalog of 400 games in exchange for a monthly fee of $ 20 or a quarterly 45.

The games are not installed natively on your computer, but running on the servers of Sony and we limit ourselves to play them via streaming application with PlayStation Now. The requirements therefore are not very high, we need an OS Windows 7 or higher, more than the Intel Core i3 processor 3.5 GHz or 3.8 GHz AMD A10, 300 MB hard disk, 2GB RAM and a connection of at least 5 MB download

Sony announces the big problem we encountered in this new service for PC in its catalog. Yes, it offers a total of 400 titles, but in principle it seems are all belonging to the PlayStation 3, as they have not mentioned PS4 titles. This is something that could weigh interest among gamers who prefer to play the latest releases.

Microsoft by unique shopping for two platforms

Microsoft for its part has advantage, since its Windows 10 operating system is present in both PC and your Xbox One, which makes things quite a bit. For example, practically since the release of OS claimed that allow playing the XBox One from the PC, with a system of streaming via home network like the Sony with the PS4.

It is unique for its latest operating system, and is performed by Xbox native application that comes pre-installed. As in the case of Sony does not need to install the game, and while connected via Ethernet recommend having the console and the PC, it can also be performed by wireless network. Of course, speeds up and down will have to keep up.

Second approach however is quite different from Sony. They do it through service Xbox Play Anywhere will be available from next September 13. In it take advantage of that console and PC have the same operating system to offer to buy digital games that can download and use on both platforms.

It is a service without any additional cost, only need to have updated your Windows 10 Anniversary Update to benefit from it. No you can play titles simultaneously on both platforms, but to be stored in the cloud, the items will be the same in both.

The weakness of this model is that currently there are only a handful of titles, all from Microsoft, which will be available with the Play Anyware. And it will depend on the developers who choose to make their games compatible or not.

Two completely different proposals

As we have seen, both companies have two different approaches to the world of console games on PC. The first is virtually identical, since it consists of offering the possibility to play the console turning the PC into a second screen via a live streaming via domestic connection in our house.

But their second proposals are very different, and in fact we could almost say that the shortcomings of one are the strengths of the other. For example while in Play Anyware have some of the latest titles XBox One, PlayStation Now the moment it seems that we have to make do with the games of the previous generation, but by no means going to be bad.

The proposed Sony for its part will not require an extremely powerful PC, since we do not play directly on our computer but we connect to those of the Japanese company to play streaming from our house. Still, for Microsoft it is the advantage that installing the game physically not depends so much on our Internet connection.

But beyond if you prefer to toil away money on a new computer or Internet a better rate, there is also a very important difference in the price of both proposals. Of Microsoft does not require any additional payment because you buy you the game once and play on both platforms, while it appears that Sony does want us to go through box pay a monthly fee for access to the full catalog of games.

They are therefore two different ways to approach it the player desktop experience playing on a console, so it remains to be seen which of the two alternatives imposes itself. At the moment we have to wait, because PlayStation Now has not reached all countries, while Play Anyware will be released in September.

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