Honor 8, the mid-range increasingly puts the high-end more difficult

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For the market these are phones that matter a lot to brands, which are widely sold, or ever sold more. Huawei is one of the few that has understood the market very well, and in fact is the only one who eats ground to Samsung and Apple giants, that are there to be first, and have carved a name. Obviously also they have good products, but even the Koreans struggle to offer something as balanced as Huawei.

Or should I say Honor. It also is a brand that is inside another, everything is at home, and possibly see how appear, seeking to create a different identity, better hit with the audience that wants or needs to change mobile every season.

honor-8-the-mid-range-increasingly-puts-the-high-end-more-difficultWhat it is an Honor 8? So basically it is an Android as we are tired of seeing the phone, but that adapts to what is asked to powerful mid – range 2016, with some technological virguerías that make it stand out, and an external look quite carefully. Before going we could say that there is a lot of P9 on it.

Going into more detail what we have is a terminal with screen 5.2 inches full HD resolution – the simplest aspect, but perfect for its price -. Blessed are those who remember that there are balanced sizes that work well in small hands and easily fit anywhere.

His appearance is at least striking, combining a metal frame covered with both sides resistant glass. The front is made with a 2.5D glass. There are very colorful, so no one gets bored or take back the choice: gold, gold-pink, black, white and dark blue. Its overall dimensions are very good: 145.5 x 71 x 7.45 mm, weighs 154 grams.

Two cameras a better

Paragraph Star specifications clearly this dual 12 megapixel camera inherited from his brother Huawei P9, and if calca all its features, we meet with a remarkable camera, which is certainly the best in its range of prices. Huawei well here.

As expected in a mid – range phone that wants to be more, not missing a detail that could be considered of higher prices. A good example is the fingerprint sensor, the proven chipset HISILICON Kirin 950 with 4GB of RAM, 8 – megapixel front camera, the reversible port USB-C, or 3,000-mAh battery, with fast charging.

If you’ve got here you think I’m selling the bike, which I love Huawei or Honor, but it’s not, just give your site are doing well and I think the ingredients of this Honor 8 place him in what most looking for in a phone. Possibly it points to a younger user that Huawei’s offer, but this is a matter of taste.

If it’s for me, I choose formerly a OnePlus 3, but is considerably larger in size, more uncomfortable. Possibly his closest rival Huawei is in itself, or Xiaomi MI5, but not easy to buy here, nor is it designed for our market.

Honor 8 price and availability

There are two versions of Honor 8 differ by memory: for the 32GB model we will ask 399 dollars for the 64GB, 449 dollars. All they come with a transparent cover gift.

I have experience analyzing phones Huawei, and my conclusion before trying this is that are remarkable gadgets, the vast majority will you serve to spare, they do not fail in any way, and you also will not get much money for them, say they are pretty fair. If we add that move well in catalogs operators, because it must take into full account what we proposed in this new mid – range. They not surprisingly managed to sell 40 million Honors in 2015.


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