Headsets Interphone Prosound effective audio

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When traveling in motion the issue of security is a priority. The companies propose the solutions.

Earphones Interphone Prosound are part of the accessories line Cellularline. Their purpose is to meet the communication needs of motorcyclists, while traveling aboard his beloved companion on two wheels.

HeadsetsThese modules “high performance” promise to centaurs sound quality of high-level, listening to a sharp and effective, providing the rider the best performance of voice and music, despite the important background noises, such as those who register while driving on the road and in other environmental contexts. The microphone has been greatly improved in the yield of the voice and the wind resistance.

It is Bluetooth communication systems, born with the express purpose to be an attractive proposal functionally. That’s why, in the design, were involved experts of high fidelity, which have lent their wisdom to the noble cause.

Earphones of the Emilia have optimized audio capsules also in terms of size, with a reduced thickness and a diameter of greater level, to achieve a greater reduction of ambient noise and maximum comfort inside the helmet.

Because, in motion, security is the dominant theme, the system checks the peak levels of volume and distortion to avoid sudden distractions while driving, even if, when you are riding, the best thing to do is not to isolate themselves from the world around, losing those feelings and those sounds that help to avoid the worst in the particular circumstances.


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