GoPro HERO3 + for shooting at sea on the crest of a wave

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With summer in full swing is the interest for the action cam, which can help to keep the memory of some exciting experiences of summer.

GoPro HERO3 + is an ‘action cam successful, that lends itself to carry out his role in the summer to film some of the most evocative put into practice during the holidays.

GadgetThe model, available in Black Edition and Silver Edition is offered to the temptation of those who practice surfing, windsurfing, SUP, kiteboarding, wakeboarding and any other water sport. The important thing is not to be heroes, risking their own and others’ safety, to package the video ends.

GoPro Hero3 + Music, into the heart of the music world

On the crest of a wave GoPro HERO3 + lifecam become a better usable with the new range of accessories that make it more practical, helping us to have it always at our side in the most exciting moments.

Not to be unprepared and have available all necessary for shooting is the kit HERO3 GoPro Surf +, with plaques adhesive for the attachment of the table.

If we want a more solid and secure mounting, with the possibility of new prospects for recovery, you can try out the new GoPro Bodyboard support. Alternatively there are the colorful anchoring elements tubular Go4Fun. All of these solutions can be worn alone or attach the cam directly on the equipment sports.

To make the rest of the houses provide waterproof and new video features, such as Auto Low Light mode that allows better performance even in situations of sudden changes in light. So you have everything you need for sports riding. Common sense, however, is only entrusted to us.


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