Google pulls sleeve system for videoconferencing: Chromebox for meetings

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Looking for him? Profits Chrome OS and devices that are appearing? Google wants us to propose an interesting use a set that has just introduced today in Mountain View. The elements that compose the know but had seen us as well combined.

The idea is simple, mount a videoconferencing system for meetings, and for that we Chromebox as a hub. Yes, the ASUS model that we present a few days ago, and also other by HP and Dell. They say nothing of the Samsung, but also have one in the catalog.

TechnologyThe name have nicknamed the set is Chromebox for meetings, and of course there are several more items like a camera designed to be able to record video in high resolution – it looks like a Logitech C920 – Speaker / microphone in one, and a control knob – QWERTY keyboard – to manage all the team’s chances.

The model we have presented is initially the ASUS, and it is the most powerful option, based on Intel Core i7 processors. No doubt there are problems with this configuration power – speak content encryption – but we like to have more details on it.

The maximum resolution that is working Full HD but will adjust automatically to the possibilities of connection. The microphone / speaker have its own DSP to improve audio quality. Reviewing the set, all I needed to get it going is a screen.

On the software side, and you’ll get the idea, you taking Chrome OS operating system, the Hangouts are the official tool for video calls. It will be possible to have a communication with up to fifteen people at once (something limited to ten in a conventional Hangout).

As expected, there is integration with Google Calendar, and later with Microsoft Exchange, lest we miss an appointment. It is also compatible with other systems like videoconferencing or Uber Conference.

We say that the system has special features, such as notifying the speakers when there is a scheduled meeting, or stand out and notify users when they are talking. For a person to enter at a meeting, the system automatically brings up the microphone off, until you want.

Chromebox for Meetings, price and availability

Chromebox for Meetings is available from today in the U.S., and will come to Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the UK throughout the year. Curiously, we have in addition to internal testing, companies like Lytro, Gilt, SoftBank and Yelp, have been using the system a while.

Its price is $ 999 as we have discussed, also reach solutions by HP and Dell. The software, support and administration are free the first year, but he charged $ 250 per year.


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