Google increases its profit by 17% in 2013, to 9,530 million euros

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Google, the most powerful Internet company ended the year with a profit of 12,920 million (9,530 million euros). The figure represents an increase of 17% compared to all of 2012. Of that total, $ 3.380 million (2.493 million euros) refer to the fourth quarter. Proceeds from the owner of the Android operating system for mobile devices totaled 59,825,000 (44,138 euros), up 16% from a year ago.

most powerful Internet company

The company published its accounts a day after announcing the sale of Motorola Mobile to China’s Lenovo. Google kept as a separate entity. What interested him was their technology patents, which conserved. That unit generated losses from traded him culminating purchase 19 months ago. In the fourth quarter dragged a negative 380 million.

The price advertisers pay every time someone clicks on your advertising rose 80% in the Christmas quarter, while the price of the insertion of advertising texts did by 11%, the price paid is in smartphones one third of which is paid on the computer, because buying only occurs in a quarter relative to the computer.

In mobile, Google, through applications, and your browser has an audience of 87%, versus 85% of Facebook, which is eating advertising market in the United States.

Google is awaiting the completion of the investigation the Competition Commissioner of the European Union for monopolistic practices that could result in a fine of billions of euros. After years of proceedings, there could be an agreement in the next without penalty.


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