Google, hi-tech jacket coming? The company continues to focus on wearable technology

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2014 will be the year of a jacket signed Google Android?

The fact that 2014 is the year of wearable technology has been proved by what we saw at Mobile World Congress, where Samsung , for example, has presented three such devices: a bracelet and two watches. And there are still the smartwatch Apple and many other companies, not to mention the Google Glass, the release of which, however, could be seriously at risk (because of privacy but not only).

TechToday we learned, think about it, that will not only watches and sunglasses devices of 2014: This year could be characterized, in fact, the output of a hi-tech jacket made ​​in Google, with characteristics of which we know nothing but that allow us to fantasize a lot, try to imagine, in fact, what you could do with a jacket technology (not on rainy days, of course) and what might be some useful features.

Android Jacket in 2014?

The release of the Android jacket might not happen this year, Google has never spoken and, as his team is constantly working on various areas, it seems unlikely that it will work on two projects with the same intensity in order to launch two devices at the same time, all this, then, you have to add that to design a vest hi-tech does not have to be simple, to arrive at our own conclusion: the work will be initiated perhaps by quite a bit, but do not finish sure in the next 365 days.

Meanwhile, in two weeks the company will release the Android development kit for wearable devices : we will see some beautiful, that’s for sure.


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