Google Glass, user complains about pain in His Eyes: still problems to Google

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Eye problems after a few minutes of use for the user Google Glass

It’s not really a good news for neither Google nor for Those Who wanted to buy the Google Glass , once finished the monopoly of the U.S., would Also like to Europe (hopefully at a price significantly lower than the $ 1.500 That are now well jump the blackberries nerdy): It Seems That intelligent glasses, in fact, causes eye problems, not to some strange technology, but Because of the position of the prism.

Google GlassHave not yet Been Conducted in-depth studies, but to talk about the problem, after several complaints from users who have reported trouble with vision and headaches after about ten minutes of use, it was Eli Peli, known optometrist at Harvard, Which Has Been Consulted by Betabeat. Let’s look carefully what he said:

“Who looks a lot upwards are professionals: such as electricians or painters. […] Most of us look forward or down for most of the time. Looking upwards is known That it is less comfortable. If you try to stand on one leg for a prolonged period of time, for example, the voltage is a lot, Because it is not used as a rule.”

The same would hold Its Own with the Google Glass is as if our eyes maintained an uncomfortable position for a period of time much greater Than That to Which you are accustomed to. This means – unfortunately for Google, Which Has tried in every way to bring His glasses as tools for daily use and intensive – that Glass may be used for a short time: read messages, take photos, surf the satellite and so on sure … That all functions do not require hours and hours of use.

Google’s response

Dr. Eli Peli Has Explained, However, That the pain may not recur after the eye Has become accustomed to the position , and it was the argument Precisely That Google Has continued to Respond to Betabeat:

“When someone buys a new pair of glasses and starts to wear […], there is always a period of adjustment until you get used to. For some it happens the same thing with the Glass.”

When we try, we can understand if you take sides for or against the company: which one of you is interested in the Google Glass?


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