Google Glass, Luxottica will create an exclusive collection for the smart watch

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Google holds a key agreement with Luxottica Group for the design, production and especially the distribution of its Google Glass.

Google has joined forces with Luxottica, the factory behind the drums Ray Ban, for the creation of a collection of frames for its Google Glass. The joint venture combines the technology of the smart watch of mountain view to the brand Ray-Ban and Oakley, and for the moment will be limited to U.S. soil, as indeed is everything related to the project Google Glass.

GadgetAccording to what we know Google has done, the design is a true collaboration between the two corporations, but the distribution – the final, vital step in a product that comes on the market – it will be completely entrusted to Luxottica, as well as the production manufacturing industry. Since the Google Glass is a product designed to be modular, so there should be no problems between electronics assembly and drum, but it’s Luxottica understand how to design a product that ultimately had serious image problems. We know for a fact that the Luxottica intends to create exclusive collections that become the reference point for Google Glass visual experience.

Google was quick to clarify that the agreement does not signal the imminent arrival of a final version of Google Glass. The program Google Glass Explorer , in fact, is still in progress, while corporations and developers trying to decide what exactly are the capabilities of a device as wonderful as yet uncertain.

Luxottica Group is an Italian company that holds the record of most important producer in the world, with more than 5,000 points of sale across its various brands. It is a key agreement to make it acceptable to the public on Google Glass, and solves all the problems of distribution that would otherwise Mountain View would have to face and resolve – with or without his enigmatic barges.


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