Google focuses on wearable devices, large acquisitions in 2014

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Major acquisitions for Google in 2014: everything will be aimed at the production of wearable devices

As many of you undoubtedly know, Google is a company specializing in the production of hardware , so much so that the realization of the smartphone is inside and that Motorola was sold (reflecting the fact that the company does not intend to change strategy at all). This does not mean, however, that the future of the company there are no devices of various types, because the Nest team has been buying for this reason a few weeks ago.

googleRecent rumors that Google is interested in wanting to focus a lot on wearable technology , because it is in these that you see the future of the market technological : it was strongly emphasized The Information , who spoke of agreements with companies important – but not mentioned in the sources – in the production hardware, Google’s goal, in reality, would be to acquire them behind the transfer of large sums of money: a situation that would not have yet occurred because one could not get to the terms satisfactory to both parties.

Whether it is based on gossip confirmed that Google has shown interest towards wearable devices in the last conference call : Larry Page said that the head of Nest – Tony Fadell – will have an important role in innovation and the company’s hardware that quite a few surprises in the field of modular smartphone will arrive in the next few years (in confirmation of the fact that, despite the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, Ara Project will not be moved to China ). What do you expect from Google?


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