Google appears patent with smart system for opening and closing the garage

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The patent of which we speak today allows the opening and closing of any smart garage here is what we speak

This patent shows what has been said in the last month in the pages of blog about the home automation: the fact that Google has thought of a smart system for the opening and closing of any garage shows, in effect, the interest of the various companies for the smart home, which I am sure will become a major player in the technology market in the future. Google, on the other hand, has already acquired Nest, then it’s up already investing a lot on the thermostat: it is clear his interest in an industry still so immature. But we come to the patent.

gadgetThe document, published by Patently Mobile, highlights that the system will be equipped with various sensors, which will allow to connect with the control unit even when you will be in the house; it is something very useful, but not surprising, because you know that the main feature of any system that wants to belong to the smart home is precisely to allow for the control remotely. This new system should allow you to check if the garage there are cars; to close and open the damper also Timer; to be able to calculate how long the same shutter was open or closed: in short, a great technological tool, the one on which Google could invest, although it is not yet told.

In patent law that such a system could be applied not only to the shutters of the garage, but also to other types of port: we do not know, however, if Google is thinking there yet or whether it has abandoned plans definitively.


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