Google Android Wear – operating system for wearable electronics

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Google has officially unveiled a new operating system – a platform Android Wear, designed specifically for wearable electronics. Perhaps the main feature of novelty is the “sharpness” for voice search.

TechTo start communicating with the device, it must be said: “Ok, Google”. After that you can ask questions and give the most different teams (from a taxi and clarify the flight schedule to launch the audio tracks on your smartphone).

Important place here is also given fitness activity: user application services to measure running speed, distance, heart rate, pressure, etc., collect statistics on training and on and so forth.

Android Wear help users quickly receive various notifications and reminders – calendar, mail, social networking sites, instant messengers, books, calls, etc.

Devices running the new platform will serve as the control panels for smartphones, tablets, TVs and other devices. Terms official release Android Wear is not yet known.


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