Google and Nest with Dropcam there will be an entry in the field of home security!

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Google and Nest, the Californian coupled to the automation of the future, seems willing to purchase Dropcam to acquire the technology for home security.

While not conceding any district in the war for wearable technology, the big names in computer technology such as Google, Microsoft and Apple are multiplying exponentially investment in home automation, one of the future battlefields.

GadgetHome Automation for Google means Nest, a company that was acquired with an outlay / investment record of $ 3.2 billion in January – and Dropcam seems to be the next step. Dropcam is a startup company that produces cameras connected in the cloud to store video safe, and keep an eye on their home environments and gardens.

Dropcam is a brand of safety, at least not officially, so it offers far fewer guarantees of a true alarm, but the tools offered are quite useful. Its core product is just the camera above the cloud, accessible from all over the world as long as you have connectivity on the Internet. The camera allows you to zoom in, to listen and to speak with the local environment and to control rooms during the night, thanks to night vision. Everything is controlled via smartphones, including alarm notifications.

To it are added also Dropcam Tab, motion sensors waterproof square outside.

Apple and Microsoft are no less

Apple meanwhile seems committed to creating a software platform for use with iOS terraform for the iPhone in a real remote control for home automation. In order’re already talking to a number of brands to create joint ventures.

Much like the approach of Microsoft, which instead of directly acquire other companies has signed a trade pact with Insteon. A few weeks ago Insteon products are in fact sold in the Microsoft Store, Windows Phone 8.1 has received favorable treatment with regard to the integration of these useful home automation devices.


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