External Battery for Mobile

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If you usually run out of battery on your phone, tablet or laptop and would need to last more, external batteries are one solution. But you know what you should keep in mind when buying one? keep reading because I will explain below.

One of the biggest drawbacks we found with our mobile devices is the battery life. Prolonged or high performance applications that require use can make our battery to suffer a drastic decline throughout the day and wear out before coming home to recharge the device.

gadgetTo solve this problem have lately proliferated external batteries. These elements can be saved to stay lying without our device and extend the life of this up to a full charge.

What to consider when buying an external battery

The variety of portable recharging devices is extensive but when we have to choose one look at its capacity, the use to which it will provide and the price of the component.

Capacity external battery

First talk about capacity. The ability of a laptop battery varies widely depending on the model, like the battery of our device.

In this way, we can have a battery similar to that of a mobile phone, the 2600 mAh capacity on. These batteries have a very small footprint and are highly recommended when plenty of transport does not have.

We also find portable battery capacity of 5600, 7800, 10400 or 20000 mAh, for devices such as tablets.

It notes that charging efficiency is usually 50%, so maybe for the lower capacity battery recharge does not reach more than half of it.

External battery by use that we will give

Regarding the use that we will give our laptop battery we find that only makes them lack to recharge, so a simple model may suffice.

But a user may want something else. For them there are also devices battery, perform the function of hard drive, card reader and replication point WIFI.

These devices have a larger than simpler but because of its greater capacity and functionality may be more useful to users size.

Do not forget that you have to use your mobile device and recharging you’re going to have when choosing your laptop battery.

The price spectrum can range afordable in the most complete devices. Therefore we must take into account the efficiency of charge, its size portability and price, to purchase an external battery.


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