ESA head two modules for the robot mission to Mars

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The two head ESA rover missions to other planets in the solar system. These vehicles-robots with high technological content.

NASA will no longer be the only space agency to have a robot probe on the surface of Mars . In a relatively short time even the ESA will benefit from the “red planet” the services of a rover vehicle built and driven remotely by humans, designed to capture soil samples to the research of scientists.

TechThe European Space Agency has already lifted the veil on the two copies of the study, baptized Bridget and Bryan, which prefigure the model for the space mission of the Old Continent, waiting for landing on Mars in 2018.

Testing has already begun

The two modules used as prototypes for testing and preliminary trials are part of the ExoMars program, whose ultimate goal is to collect samples of Martian rock, to make their return to Earth within a decade.

Because everything goes smoothly, it is necessary that the test to better simulate operational scenarios. In this sense, must be read to be read welcomed the news of choice for stage of experimentation, “Mars Yard”, an area that plays in the laboratory the conditions of the Martian soil.

Objectives of high scientific value

The two rovers will have to demonstrate that they have the right temperament for the mission and be able to perform drilling operations on the surface of the planet to explore. At the conclusion of this phase of verification, you will begin to work on the final robotic module, intended for boarding.

The goal is to have an efficient tool to test the waters at least more than two meters deep, for samples to be sent on our planet, with the purpose of study and research. A first analysis will be done directly on Mars, built by a robot.


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