Electronic ink and autonomy of three months: Google has liked this possible evolution of the paper calendar

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There is much talk about the decline of paper in the media, but at home and at work we have also lived who more and who less with regard to sticky notes or annotations in the calendar. The idea of Kosho Tsuboi Design is that the paper calendar is already the past and has introduced a completely digital Android wall calendar concept.

The idea of Magic Calendar (which is how the project is called) is to bring the synchronization we have with task apps to a common panel as an evolution to those annotations we were discussing. They have done it in their native language and what we see in the images is in Japanese, but we still understand perfectly what they hope to materialize, and we see the preliminary design, very minimalist (and with lines other than Material Design).

Electronic ink Magic Calender
Image Source: Google Image

From ink to electronic ink

The calendar is one of four award-winning experiments in Android Experiment, a project campaign on the development of the idea of an Android connected from smartphones to the Internet of Things. The proposal, made by the team Kosho Tsuboi Design as we said, is that the traditional paper calendar look, but actually a screen that synchronizes in real time with Google Calendar and also has other apps (related to the Agenda or household uses as recipes and so on).

The idea would be that this calendar would be displayed on an electronic ink screen. According to the website of the project, the prototype has been made with a low resolution screen, but the plan is for future versions to improve in this regard, and that with high resolution will achieve a three-month autonomy.

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Electronic ink Magic Calender
Image Source: Google Image

Magic Calendar appears in the selection of highlighted and awarded projects with ELI, Chronoscape (a viewer that identifies a place and shows previous photographs of Other users) and Maternity Intelligence Mark (a warning device for a pregnant woman and give her a seat). Although there is an intention to continue improving the project, there is no 100% security that Magic Calendar will materialize, but as explained its developer who is still developing and relying on other similar devices.


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