Does it make sense that race for cheaper mobile market?

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Samsung announced the Samsung Z2, its first Tizen – based device with 4G connectivity. The product, which has a price of 65 dollars, is fully oriented to the market of India, a country in which the race for selling the cheapest smartphone market is particularly strong.

That race seems to have much sense in Western countries where excessively cheap smartphones have lost interest over other input ranges and especially middle range which are becoming more exceptional in its price / performance ratio. However in that specific market that battle itself is consistent, and it is for a reason.

does-it-make-sense-that-race-for-cheaper-mobile-marketFarewell to ‘feature phone’

In India there are 700 million mobile users, but of them all “only” 220 million are users of smartphones. That is precisely the reason that companies like Samsung want to win the nearly 500 million users still using a mobile much more limited in performance ‘feature phone’.

Such terminals have been losing strength against the advance of smartphones of all ranges, but its main advantage is its low price: offer smartphones low price is therefore a powerful lure for all who are deciding to switch to a terminal more possibilities, and even devices like the Samsung Z2 not offer benefits more prepared smartphones, remain an attractive offer for all those users.

A few months ago we talked precisely what we could find in a terminal $ 34 and told us the experience of using a cell of 59 dollars for 10 days. This last experiment made it clear that despite the limitations, devices like that were perfect for beginners in the world of Android terminals.

The problem is that as indicated in Quartz excessively cheap terminals may have other hidden costs. Using these terminals as advertising platforms by manufacturers and operators -pagas little input, but you have to put up ads on your screen constantly – can backfire, but the truth is that this may be an acceptable sacrifice for those who want to give the jump once the field of smartphones and are not (at least initially) so demanding. For more visit


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