DirectX 12 was made official in a couple of weeks

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We all know that DirectX is an important software on our computers part. A set of API s graphics that Microsoft spent years developing and iterating it, releasing new versions every so often. began in 2009 show DX11 and will very soon start moving when DirectX 12.

SoftwareAccording to official information DirectX 12 was presented at the GDC 2014, the Game Developers Conference this year will take place in San Francisco between 17 and 21 March. There is expected to formally formalize Microsoft the new version with great emphasis on their possible integration with Windows, likely with Windows 9x for next year.

The more specialized media are speculating that DirectX 12 will lower to focus on a closer interaction with the hardware , possibly more complex but also able to get more out. There is also talk of strong competition from Mantle, of AMD, which has positioned itself as a good choice able to get good match to the components provided they meet certain requirements are met (mainly that both hardware and software are compatible).

DirectX 12 will be a lot more aggressive than Mantle option, one API used much more than any other: available in any Windows PC and dependent on Microsoft, a company larger than AMD. Be presented in a couple of weeks, yes, but not trust in having it up in a few more months.


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