Digital Marketing: Learn the Trends for 2017

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Digital marketing has gained a lot of popularity in 2016 with small, medium and large companies creating their online presence and promoting services and products through various digital channels such as: social media, websites and the like.

But, what can we expect in the year 2017?

While some marketers believe that internet space will expand further with more companies entering the digital world, others say there will be a complete overhaul of how users and giants search engines will give preference to the sheer amount of data available on the internet.

The online marketing industry is large, complex and volatile. The earlier you attack the right nerve of an internet user, the sooner you will be ahead of your competitors.

To make things easier for you, I have studied and compiled a list of some of the most reliable digital marketing trends to the year 2017 in order to develop effective digital marketing strategies to boost your business.

  1. The growing prevalence of video ads.

While video ads are nothing new to media giants like YouTube and Facebook, Google’s news of getting into the fight with video advertising will change the entire spectrum of online advertising.

This also suggests the growing acceptance of video ads between users and, as the trend is continuing, we can expect different types of video ads appearing on our screens soon. So if you still do not use videos in your business, I strongly suggest starting even today!

Digital marketing trends
Digital Marketing
  1. The domain of Mobile over desktop’s.

By 2016, it was already a great year for mobile devices (cell phones, tablets and the like), on average 83% of accesses to worldwide websites have already come from mobile devices, and sites that do not have mobile optimized pages have been severely punished With low organic rankings.

So the prediction for 2017 is that mobile devices dominate up to 95% of online accesses, meaning that those who do not already have their sites optimized for mobile devices need to worry and become a priority for the business as a whole.

  1. Social conversion is coming.

Much has been said about the power of social media in 2016. In 2017, online communities will no longer be forced into a single business-consumer conversation or to attract new prospects; instead, they will provide opportunities to improve conversion rates.

We have assisted the same for e-commerce and website generation. Social media will function as new conversion channels and offer tools to convert prospects directly to buyers.

  1. Year of wearable technology and smart devices.

In recent years we have seen the opening of iWatch Apple, Google Glass, Moto 360 and other similar smart devices that can be used on-the-go and keep you connected with the digital world.

The year 2017 will see more of these smart devices and innovations in wearable technology that will change the entire landscape of local marketing. Digital marketing will focus on the potential of wearable technology that can bridge the gap between “online” marketing and “real” marketing.

  1. The search algorithm will change.And change again.

Like it or not, but the algorithms of the search engines will change (again). With the sheer amount of information being added to the internet every second, search giants will continue to update their algorithm to decide which content should have priority and rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs), and that should not.

Therefore, the only strategy should be to remain unique, informative and useful to your audience. In addition, digital marketing professionals should not remain focused only on Google algorithms, but due consideration of the algorithm of Facebook, Bing, among others.

  1. High quality content will be the big secret!

Content, often referred to as the “king” in digital marketing, will continue to be an essential part of any online marketing campaign in the years to come. The influx of professional writers and video producers make marketing more competitive content.

The great secret will be the high quality content and interactive content that readers can connect well. In addition, there will be a huge demand for niche-based writers who have knowledge and experience on the subject.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization to deliver high returns.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Conversion rate optimization – may not sound like a new term for most digital marketers, but it’s time to present it on your website and landing pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization helps you track user behavior on your site and identify the elements that are producing the most conversions. Instead of allocating a large budget for advertising, marketers can use CRO to channel more of their existing traffic into sales.

So, what do you expect for 2017? Share your thoughts on digital marketing trends for the coming year in the comments below.


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