Creative Ways To Use Your Favorite Pictures

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Humans express themselves through photos. From when Mom pinned your random child scribbles on the fridge to your locker in high school, your dorm wall in college, and your adult pad, we love our pictures.

And while the photos and other pictures themselves are typically meaningful, so too is the way we display them.

And if you’re looking for some great ideas about how to display your favorite pictures, don’t stop reading.

1. Turn Your Pictures Into Inspirational Posters

Remember how in the 90’s it was super popular to put inspirational posters on your wall.

The one-word inspirational posters so popular back then were called Successories. And they still make these to this day.

But there is no reason why you can’t make your own. Have a word you find inspiring. Take your best photo, drop it into Adobe Spark, add a black bottom border, the word, a quote, and bang! You have an inspirational poster.

2. Frame Your Photos In Matts To Make A Photo Gallery

If you want your photos to look like they belong in a professional art gallery, matt them.

Cutting your own photo mattes isn’t actually that hard. All you need is an Exacto knife, the right material, a long ruler and some time to practice.

Once you get the hang of it, you can matt all your best photos and clip them up on wires or strings.

3. A Photo Calendar

There are plenty of companies that will do this for you. But you can always drop your photos into most creative design programs and make your own photo calendar.

If you search online, you can find some pretty amazing photo calendar templates. And then all you have to do is drop your photos in and crop them how you want them.

4. Use Your Pictures Like Wallpaper

Sometimes we just have too many photos.

Boxes and boxes of photos end up sitting under beds and in basements collecting dust and moisture.

Which is a shame because those are probably some interesting moments in someone’s life.

Why not take those photos and paste them on the wall. All of them. On the wall. Covering the wall.

Yep. Just like wallpaper. Now, memories will surround you and those memories will no longer sit abandoned in your basement.

5. Be A Detective

It’s a cliche plot device. A detective gathers a bunch clues that include photographs, news article clippings, report documents. And they pin them up on a board in some haphazard fashion. Each piece of the puzzle is connected by yarn or string. It’s called the “crazy wall.”

Whether detectives actually use this and whether it’s actually helpful we’ll probably never know. But there is no doubt that it looks cool on a wall.

Why not do this with you photo memories?

Take some twine, some pushpins, and your photos. Now pin them up and connect them in some way with the twine. This will make your picture set super enigmatic to any guest.

The Wall’s The Limit

The only limiting factor here is your wall space.

Use your imagination. Create a beautiful work of art from other beautiful works of art. You’ll be surprised with what you can do.


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