Compare smartwatches to choose the best one

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Are you looking for buying a smartwatch this season? Or are you waiting for Apple to enter the competition? The product category is considerably evolving and you will enjoy time with some of the information we lined up – compare smartwatches and find out whether it is worth buying.

Meet the most renowned products

The early stages of smartwatches’ evolution are that big companies sitting side-by-side with young startups. Latest smartwatches are great reflection of that effort, such as;

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear
  • Pebble
  • Qualcomm Toq
  • Sony SmartWatch 2
  • Martian

Readers are requested to pair each smartwatch with a compatible smartphone, otherwise there will not be anything ‘smart’ on it! Smartwatches are really smartphone accessories, not any replacement items.

iPhone compatibility

Martian and Pebble smartwatches are compatible with Apple’s handset. Both have App store apps that send some iPhone’s smarts to your wrist.

Android Compatibility

The above mentioned smartwatches are compatible with some Android phones. Most of them will work any semi-new Android handset. Smartphone has own compatible apps that you can download from Play Store. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is only compatible with a few Samsung phones. Synchronies with Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 3, the smartwatch updates to Android 4.3.

Android notifications

One big benefit of smartwatch is you can receive notifications on your watch! These watches will drive all of your Android phone’s notifications to your smartwatch in a manner that vibrates your wrist. One limitation is that complete Android notifications with Sony SW2 and Pebble need 3-party apps from the Play Store.

iPhone notifications

Pebble smartwatch has been updated to drive all of your iPhone’s notifications to the watch. However, Martian send notifications regarding SMS, calls, reminders, calendar events, social media and email only.

Voice assistant

Martian: This brand new smartwatch has a killer voice assistance that supports iOS and Siri as well as Google on Android. Martian smartwatch acts like a Bluetooth headset that you can use your voice to send messages, set reminders, send emails, make reservations, check weather, get sports scores, and more.

Samsung: This brand has own S voice assistant supported into the Galaxy Gear with the same level features. This is basically a lackluster Siri imitation and Galaxy Gear version is more restricted than the full version that you see on Samsung phones.

As voice is the natural and most logical manner of interaction to a smartwatch, Martian brand is in a league of its own.


Pebble: sizes 51mm-33mm-10.2mm

Galaxy Gear: sizes 57mm-37mm-11.1mm

Sony SW2: sizes 41mm-42mm-9mm

Martian: sizes 39mm-37mm-13.3mm

Among the many, Galaxy Gear has the biggest dimension and it is somewhat big and beefy. Hence, this batch of smartwatches will suit more on men’s wrists.

Making up

Pebble: Plastic

Galaxy Gear: Stainless steel

Sony SW2: Aluminum

Martian: Stainless steel


Pebble: 47g

Galaxy Gear: 74g

SonySW2: 123g

Toq: 91g

Martian: 71g

However, you don’t concern about the weight as these accessories don’t feel too heavy on your hand.


Pebble: It is available in orange, white, black, red and gray

Galaxy Gear: Available in black, green, gray, orange, beige and gold

Sony SW2: It is offered in black color only.

Toq: Available in black and white colors

Martian: Same as Toq smartwatches – black and white

Alternate styles

Martian is the only brand that is available in many different styles. It sells more sophisticated styles such as Victory and colorful G2G designs.

With this compare smartwatch section, we focus on which brand is best for you. When looking for a smartwatch, the first thing to consider is whether you need a smartwatch at this time.


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