China wants to use drones in the fight against pollution

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Pollution is a critical problem in China, and the authorities of that country have announced a series of initiatives to try to fight this type of pollution. And drones could become a solution to the problem.

TechSo I believe the developers of a system that will soon be in evidence and makes use of autonomous vehicles carrying 700 kg of chemical materials against pollution. Each of these drones could achieve clean air in a radius of five kilometers.

The final measurement is not all, since the toxic components of the pollution in the atmosphere will continue even though in China and was Previous attempts to eliminate the problem by the use of liquid nitrogen.

In fact, the Office of the Beijing Weather Modification takes time to spread fixed using chemicals in air pollution solidify and then make those products Spilled wing drones. As one of the leaders of the new program, however, the new drones will be cheaper, but will have to see whether this new effort really helps.


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