Catatonic, now virtual reality takes you on asylum

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A tour of horror in an asylum in augmented reality here Catatonic …

If you say “Catatonic” perhaps not imagine now what we’re talking about if we tell Guy Shelmerdine, perhaps, something you will think; or rather someone, since we are talking about a well-known director of advertising campaigns, particularly because of his style, which tends to mix the dream to reality, thanks to optical illusions (but not only).

gadgetToday the manager was particularly surprised, because his latest creation, the tour Catatonic, uses virtual reality to bring us all into a madhouse.

Several times we have spoken of virtual reality here on Gadgetblog, where, in fact, remains one of the most popular topics, and that’s why we could not miss this tour to share with you: it can be seen or using Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard and this virtual reality, or using the application Vrse, which is available for both iOS and for Android, lets you watch the video at 360 degrees.

The content of Catatonic – see completely here – it’s really scary: you are bound to a wheelchair and do a kind of tour of horror in a handle of the forties; Here you will visit several rooms, know other patients and you will be forced to follow the care of doctors and nurses. If Guy Sheldmerdine, in short, he wanted to be talked about, with this Catatonic succeeded really “good” vision!


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