Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, debuts a 30.4 megapixel sensor and records video 4K

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The 5D Mark series is one of the most loved and used in the professional field, we knew that in late August was to take place a renewal of the model present, and practically knew their main specifications. For it is here, it is that we teach is the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

What brings under his arm the Mark IV? Pretty strong developments at the level of its price, but mainly we could say that debuts a sensor 30.4 megapixel full frame. I anticipate that the sensitivity of this new CMOS sensor moves between 100 and 32,000 ISO, and is able to stretch the range forcing up the ISO 50-102400.

The fourth iteration of one of the most famous families of cameras could not come without improvements in one of the strengths of Canon, which is nothing other than the focus. Refreshment comes with a pixel Dual system that uses 61 focus points – 41 in cross – which is perfect for improving speed photo, but obviously, the focus system is also a gift to video mode.

Support Dual Pixel RAW, is something like system information using dual RAW pixel to create a larger, more information. To open it you need the Canon software. Most striking is that we can work with focus and bokeh afterwards.

canon-eos-5d-mark-iv-debuts-a-30-4-megapixel-sensor-and-records-video-4kIngredients for video professionals

The other great thing expected is there, the 4K video recording reaches this series to stay, turning the camera into a powerful tool for video. This mode is associated maximum recording at 30 frames per second, also 24. It is fair to comment that for the 4K mode clipping occurs in the sensor 1.64x.

If we lower at 1080p frame rate is doubled, and if we use 720p, can make use of the 120 images per second. It is also the first Canon camera that records video HDR. No shortage of manual controls, connections and micro audio, encoding either 4: 2: 2. Another singing are the recording formats, but this will not come into this presentation.

The brain responsible for managing everything that happens in there, from the bursts of 7 images per second to video 4K (DCI, not UHD) is the Canon processor DIGIC 6+. Where do you keep so much information? Well Canon seems conservative with their card system, leaving room for the CompactFlash eternal and the newest SD (no CFast).

A stop connectivity

Although Canon always does his own thing and not have to give everything for granted, it seems natural that at this stage of the film things are introduced as necessary as WiFi connectivity – there’s also NFC and GPS – or a 3.2 inch screen it is now touch .

On the positive side it says that although the size with the Mark III is preserved, there is a much better resolution: 1.62 million points. Unfortunately it is not articulated, but does not seem to be a thing that appeals to Canon for its professional range.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, price and availability

The price, as expected, accompanies your specifications and professional level: $3500 across the pond, where it appears in September.

No one comes to the market, Canon fail to present a pair of lenses to camera level: an EF 16-35mm f / 2.8L EF 24-105mm III and f / 4L IS II – the second is to be served in a kit with the new EOS -. The lenses come in October, the first will be $2200, the second remains at $1100.

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