Can You Increase Sales With Quality eCovers?

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As technology moves quickly forward, it provides us with more and more convenient tools we can use. Certain task you had to do manually can now be done with specialized software. And some tasks you can’t do at all because they are too demanding made you hire a specialist. But now, even these complicated tasks can be done with the help of various specialized programs. One of the tools every individual can now use to brand and sell a product or a service is an eCover maker. 

What Are eCovers And How To Use Them?

They are graphical representations of digital products. They are supposed to convey a sense of reality to anyone who is looking to purchase the product or a service online. Many Internet marketers use eCovers for eBooks, ezines, ebox, CD covers and many other products and services.

The main purpose is to attract attention and increase sales. And how good eCovers really are in accomplishing that goal is debatable. What we can do here is list some of the advantages of eCovers so anyone who is interested in getting one or making one can easily decide whether he/she should actually use one.


  • They grab visitor’s attention
  • They explain what the product or service is all about
  • They provide physical identity to any product or service
  • They help in branding, whether it’s the company or the individual
  • They are easily made with the help of software

Those are some of the most prominent advantages you get if you decide to use eCovers. Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the coin.


  • They are designed in 3D, therefore software is needed
  • They require skill so it is necessary to hire a professional designer
  • They can negatively impact a product or a brand if they are poorly designed
  • They can cover up the product or the service that doesn’t have substantial value

Now, do you actually need eCovers? There are many business owners who will tell you that you don’t need them as they sell hundreds of eBooks, CDs, software and DVDs that do not have eCovers.

However, there are those who will tell you that they used to sell their products and services well, lime my friend Susan, but once they included eCovers, they sales doubled. And many marketers figured out that eCover is now a must, not only because it helps in sales, it’s a growing trend that products and services have to be connected with. They will make the first impression and we all know what they say about first impression.

While you can certainly sell your high value product without an eCover, you will add more value to it if you design one. And there’s no reason to spend huge amounts of money to get one designed. There are eCover makers available on the market now even some that are free of charge. It’s something you should take a look at as eCovers will definitely be a must have in the near future. For more reviews visit


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