Best calling card for international calls – Cut down your phone bills

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With soaring costs everywhere, people tend to look for new ways to save money here and there. Saving even a penny on may be your grocery shopping a day or your monthly phone bills may mean a lot. When you are in a situation where you need to make many international calls in a month, it is very natural that you have to search for ways in which you can cut down the calling costs. While there are different software programs and apps that can be installed either in your smartphone or in your laptop to make free internet calls, there are also calling cards available. 

There are literally hundreds of calling cards available in the market for making both domestic and international calls. But how do you determine which is the best one for your needs? What should you watch out for? Have a look at the few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your card for international calls.

Countries: There are some calling cards that are restrictive about the countries that they cover. Before taking a card, you need to make sure that the country to which you need to call is accessible with the card. Also compare the ‘per minute’ costs between several different brands of cards.

Costs: Once you’ve seen what the ‘per minute’ charge is for making a call to the country of your choice, check the fine print. Always remember that the fine print contains the most vital information which you will not find in any other agreement papers. All hidden charges or increase of rates will be mentioned in the fine print of the card and hence you need to understand while you read the fine print. Also be aware of connection and termination fees, per call fees, daily, monthly and weekly fees and refill fees. However, you always can use some free calling servises like that allows you to make phone call to the U.S. and Canada with on cost at all.

Brands: If you’re fond of reliability as far as call connection and clarity, sticking with big name brands is often the best option. There is a wide variety of cheap calling cards for international calls out there but there are many that are run by cut-rate carriers that will only leave you with some dropped calls, extremely poor sound quality and bad connections. Your precious calls may turn to be worthless. So beware!

Reviews: When you’re in doubt about the quality and service of a calling card, don’t hesitate to hit the internet. There are plenty of reviews of different types of cards that you’re considering using. Just type the brand name of the card and read what people have to say about their price, quality and offers. Don’t go with a card that has multiple complaints about call quality, hidden charges and fees.

When you hit the market for buying calling cards for making international calls, you may come across cards with insanely low international rates and you may be tempted to buy them. But always be aware that they might be fooling you as the rates are too good to be true. Look at all the other options and pick the card that offers the highest quality within the lowest rate possible. There is also a great artilce from


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