BeoSound Moment, the music follows the mood

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At CES in Las Vegas, among the novelties put on display from Bang & Olufsen, has carved out its space BeoSound Moment,

At CES 2015 Bang & Olufsen BeoSound presented the Moment, an intelligent wireless music system that combines state of mind anyone taking advantage of its features.

gadgetThe product introduces a new function, which chooses the listening options according to user preferences, taking into account the time and day.

This is as true for music as for radio. The result is a sound that rotates automatically on the preferences of the listener, taking into account the data acquired over time. In relation to this, the system processes gradually conduct on what is likely the owner would like to hear at any given time. In essence, the device becomes like a friend, who learns to know the tastes of those who attend, which gives a reproduction ad hoc.

The music draws from a vast catalog, to suit all tastes. Just a touch to start the seven notes, according to personal preferences intuited from the device. Of course you can also manually setting.

The BeoSound Moment consists of two independent parts and autonomous to allow two experiences listening separated from each other.

One side is a stylish interface in aluminum with a delicate touch screen for immersive interaction. The other side, however, contains the first touch-sensitive interface wooden ever designed in the world, designed for one-touch access.

The new music system makes it easier to collect, discover and share your favorite music for the whole family, combining unlimited access to digital music to greater ease of use.


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