Become the master of your time with Sony Xperia Z3

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It imposes its own rules, always goes ahead of us and out of our hands. The time becomes one of our main workhorse, but what if we had the power to overcome their relentless march? The new Sony Xperia Z3 will give us this extraordinary ability, plus many other facilities, do you want to see in a spectacular video created for the occasion?

Although many times we are not aware of it, life is full of extraordinary things, we just being attentive enough to dwell on those little things that can make our daily lives becomes a surprising adventure.

Xperia Z3I can beat the time with the new Sony Xperia Z3

A similar experience is one that proposes the smartphone Sony Xperia Z3, the key that will open the doors to our inner powers to change the world around us and make us to be masters of our own destiny. As we can see in the video that we expose then the new smartphone from Sony gives us the ability to overcome time, being ourselves that we manage those minutes that often go against us as if they were hours days or even weeks.

Designed to withstand the passage of time, the new Xperia Z3 is made to withstand the action of water, so you will not have problem to submerge when you embark on a journey through the pool and beach. Its elegance is due in large part to its rounded super-thin aluminum frame, tempered glass panels and a power button with a very original design.

But if anything characterizes this device and allows us to overcome the unstoppable advance of time, is the addition to its structure of a battery lasting up to two days. This incredible power lets you may use that smartphone all day without worrying about whether the battery is maintained while embracing your trip back home. And you can get your battery life STAMINA mode activating the call.

In the event that your battery is low and still have things to do, you can make use of the extended mode and earn a 14% overtime. On the other hand, if you want the standby lasts longer, you can make use of so-called long waiting. Thanks to this feature, while you are not using the screen, all functions and applications will turn off automatically, but you can receive calls, messages and alerts, is not it amazing?

Under the slogan “I can beat the time,” Sony Xperia Z3 offers you forge your own destiny without worrying about moving clockwise. Now you have to say #ICan with #Xperia Z3. More on :


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