Asus Zenfone 2 Worth 4GB Of RAM

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Today we will complete the Asus revised Zenfone 2 4GB of RAM, this new model is much like Asus LG G3 on the back with an air of polished aluminum and with the volume buttons on the back, something we can we complain we are lit button located on the top of the unit which makes it difficult to reach if you have a small hand.

THE Zenfone 2 comes with Android operating system and 5.1.Lollipop above them have Zen user interface company in this case has some unique features that separate it from other terminals, this interface does not interfere with the performance of the cell fluid is good, we will find some details that have been added in the interface and in the area of ​​applications where we can customize as we see our applications.

Asus SmartphoneThe screen is 5.5. IPS inches with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 with 403 ppi protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and truth have nothing to complain, when viewing the images and videos that we have in the terminal presents very real colors and placing the phone in different angles there is not much loss of visibility.

On 4GB of RAM I have not seen much difference because it really going to see when we use multitasking, although to be good honest behavior was very similar to many cell medium / high range.

The terminal has a score of just over 40,000 is below the Galaxy S5, now this does not mean that the team is bad, it’s very good, but not high-end, behaves very well in use Application very good graphics, as well as those of video as YouTube and Netflix, other applications such as social networks and navigation work very fluid.

The camera application is quite complete we will have several capture modes and can record video at 1080p @ 30fps, the sensor is 13 megapixels, LED flash features and has no image stabilizer, the images during the day have a little saturation, especially in the green, indoor images are crisp and clear and that we have taken in low light, overnight pictures look great even going to notice some reddish and show that are clearly some quality is lost, the end result can tell you that was good.

The front camera has a way of beautification that takes away some wrinkles, we took some photos outdoors and indoors and clearly visible.

The recording has not been the best, we will be able to appreciate quality colors even with some saturation, but unfortunately no image stabilizer so that the recording is busy with hurting the bottom line. During the night it is very dark, so the results have not been of the best.

The Asus Zenfone 2 comes with a rear speaker that we will shed, nothing special or spectacular average sound, it seems that the speaker is the entire grid but only a portion of the left side.

The battery is a 3000mAh lithium-ion and given us about 245 minutes being more than 4 hours time display, so in everyday use will give us more than 1 day without problem, now if you are of those who really they exploit the cell will have several energy-saving modes.

We will also find that the Zenfone 2 has the function of gestures, this means you will be able to finger the letter C and will direct us to the issue of camera, W and take us to navigate.

Finally I can say that Asus is a brand recognized for what their products are good, and this model is very well worked, the operating system is the latest Lollipop, your screen is good in exterior and interior, the camera throws us good images different circumstances although the recording is not the best, out of it in the use of applications has led up to it, without any problems of freezing working very smoothly, especially applications of very good quality graphics, actually recommended this terminal.


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