Apple worried Samsung from marketing, new details have emerged from the case

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Apple fears Samsung Investment on advertising: new details emerge from the case that the company has filed the Koreans

Interesting new details emerge from the case which Apple filed in Samsung for patent infringement, and this time do not affect the launch of a hypothetical iPhone low cost : a few papers, in fact, it appeared that Apple was afraid a lot of marketing campaigns from Samsung and that was not a little worried about losing their own identity; not be supported in sales, in short, to be published in an effective and long lasting.

BusinessWe learned from a emails Phil Schiller dating back to the Superbowl, then to 2013, which states that the Samsung commercials are “pretty good” and that Apple, by comparison with the Koreans did not seem more than a company at the mercy of Events:

“We are discussing – these are the words of Schiller – without understanding what to do to find one decent slogan for iPhone. Something has to change and it must change quickly.”

“Obscene expenditure on advertising”

Samsung was highly criticized in Apple environments , also because of the investments in marketing expenses that were able to significantly increase its success over the years; Harsh words, in short, against the rival, because of the amount of money

“[…] Obscene […] spending by the rival Android in advertising and support of partners operating in the mobile phone industry.”

We have also learned that Apple was planning to sack the advertising agency Media Art Laboratories, author of campaigns like Think Different : a situation that you are no longer met, given that the agency in 2013 has even baked the new slogan “Designed by Apple in California.”

Well, we were wrong to attribute all this security to U.S. company.


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