Apple iOS 7.0.6 (build 11B651) upgrade to surprise

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Among the iDevice and iOS 7.1, scheduled for March, there was another version: the iOS 7.0.6 that was recently downloaded on ipghone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOSIt is not yet time for the awaited update iOS 7.1 , which we have seen recently, could come from next March 15 onwards. Apple engineers and third-party developers, are working to prepare for some the final release of the software, other updated versions of their applications, so that the experience of the millions of users of iOS can be even more satisfying, were small and large imperfections still present in iOS 7.0.

In order to improve for some time is available to iOS 7.0.6, a little surprise released by Apple, and that goes to fix a bug related to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

If someone had lost iOS 7.0.5 , we have seen about three weeks ago, have no fear: The update has been made ​​available only for the iPhone and 5c 5s and now this new release has re-aligned all Apple iDevice.

Update for everyone in optical SSL

For the previous devices, those that can not install iOS 7 as the old iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 4th generation, there has been an upgrade anyway, the build 10b500 that brought iOS 6.1.6, made ​​in order to solve the same problem.

Even the Apple TV has received an update and, more precisely, it is version 6.0.2. It seems that apple computers are affected by the same bug and that a future upgrade, among others things, will solve this type of problem.


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