Apple created an Android application

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Last year we saw as Google and Apple began a kind of fierce struggle for other users take, and how they both used was very similar. Almost at once we see on the websites of Apple and Android, as published instructional step by step how to migrate from Apple was Android and vice versa. And one of the biggest fears for users wanting to migrate when the competition is the uncertainty of whether your things be “compatible” to another device.

AppleTo date we have only guides that help us change platform, but taking advantage of the WWDC 2015 Apple wanted to take a step further and announced that soon again have an application designed to migrate all our information to a new terminal Android with iOS.

The application is called “Move to iOS” (not yet available), which aims to facilitate migration between systems safely and without cables. This application adds to a campaign that Apple takes a while, that invites users to enter the world Apple leaving your Android as part of payment to purchase an iPhone. The strategy is fairly complete, now we provide not only things to buy an Apple phone, but also deliver you an application that will help you pass all your information from your old Android to your new iPhone without much difficulty.

Among the items which includes the automatic transfer from Move to iOS, we can find:

  • Transfer of contacts.
  • Message history.
  • Image Gallery.
  • Video Gallery.
  • Bookmarks Web.
  • Mail Accounts.
  • Calendars.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Books.
  • DRM-free songs.

Furthermore, this new application is able to identify all your Android applications and check which of these are also available for iOS, once identified, at the time of migration to iOS, the AppStore will handle down all those applications on your new device. Regarding payment applications that Android had in these no be lost, but the application will leave them in the wishlist of iTunes if you want to buy for this platform.

Thus, although it sounds strange, Apple added a second own application that will enter Google Play but this time with clear intentions to remove adherents to Android, so still story to tell, I do not think Google accepts of good will and easily one application which clearly does not suit you offer in your store Apps.


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