Android M, with the new update becomes the microSD internal storage

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M any Android tablet and smartphone users benefit from the micro SD as internal memory…

This is certainly one of the most significant improvements brought by Android M to the world of technology in general, especially in smartphones, and tablets that use phablet, more than any other gadgets and electronic device, the microSD.

Android MThere are still many rumors about the successor of Android Lollipop and few confirmations; but today we are just before one of these, because yes: Google will really use the small board as internal storage, giving impulse, of course, to the development in an important sector of the market (we must consider, in fact, that, if you use a microSD as internal storage, then you can not underestimate the speed of access and many other variables: this will deal with the manufacturers, which will definitely do their job).

We said that this is an official news, and we learn everything in the developer preview of Android M, which was presented yesterday together with other interesting news at the time of formatting – this, for now, is the possibility of use proposed by Google – you can choose to use your microSD as a portable memory or internal memory, helping anyone with tablets and smartphones are having to deal with a start memory not always large. It must be said, unfortunately, but had to take into account, that this possibility can not be used with the USB memories that can be configured, at least until the next updates, just as portable.

As soon as we have more information on Android M, we will update you promptly: the novelty promised by Google, in fact, seem to be many more than this.


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