Amazon V1, here is the controller of the console produced by Amazon

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Directly Anatel, FCC equivalent in Brazil, come new information on the console produced by Amazon. Here’s how it will be the wireless controller, based on bluetooth, media streamers company’s Bezos.

In the transition to the new generation of consoles, some of whose members have already been launched, you are adding more and more new products and new competitors. Among these are also one of the companies that most affect the changes in the technology market by consumption: Amazon.

GadgetIt is inevitable that the evolution of video gaming is stirred and influenced by the intervention of mobile technologies, a factor that determines the appearance of devices such as Ouya and Nvidia Shield. Even the Amazon console , it seems, will be developed in this regard.

The project for the console, which according to the findings will be called V1, and continues to evolve thanks to the agency Anatel in Brazil, which performs the same functions as the FCC in the United States, we learn new details about it.

Dave Zatz offers us some photos of the controller, branded Amazon, which will operate through Bluetooth connectivity. In its default configuration, although so the final design is different, very reminiscent of the Xbox joypad. It houses the four canonical buttons on the right (A, B, X, Y), d-pad, dual analog sticks misaligned, two buttons and two rear trigger.

In addition to this we also see three buttons forward, rewind and pause, which identify the subject more as a media streamer that a simple console and three navigation buttons are identical to those of the devices Android confirming precisely the platform on which the console will be based . Finally, the middle button invokes the logo of the service Amazon GameCircle, which brings to mind a use similar to the one linked to the platform Microsoft’s Xbox Live .

To assemble Amazon has turned to Foxconn that has a factory just in Brazil.


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