Amazon in talks with Microsoft for the Xbox?

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Microsoft has really intend to sell the Xbox section to Amazon?

We are not sure that these rumors are true, but we suspect that they are at least plausible: it is not the first time that you hear of a console, Android developing at Amazon and it is not the first time that we hear that Microsoft wants to get rid of the section of the Xbox (do not know why, among other things, given that in 2013 the games section did not record gains and losses, and, as if that were not enough, the weather on the Xbox One is anything but negative).

Amazon in talks with Microsoft for the XboxThe rumors come from a well-known insider, Pete Dodd, alias Famous Mortimer on Twitter, which not only confirmed the rumors about the negotiations between Microsoft and Amazon, but also explained that many of the clauses of the future contract would have been already approved; everything would be confirmed – in the words of Dodd – the desire to Amazon to get into the game industry, already testified – as you know – from acquisition of Double Helix, home development Strider and Killer Instinct (but not only).

Microsoft does not deny the rumor

Microsoft has always denied any negotiations in this regard, and has done well because the section of the Xbox should certainly be preserved: not only is it one of the most important sectors of the company, but there is no doubt that a console like that Redmond has marked the history of video games (not at the level of Nintendo and Sony, but it’s been – and continues to be – an indisputable leader in the market).


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