All you have to know the Moto G

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The Moto G and needs almost no introduction, is one of the best devices of the past year and continues to war but … Do you really know everything you need about this smartphone? I think not. Motorola can still surprise and a lot! Here is a comprehensive guide to this device and a video that will leave you with your mouth open.

reviewHow is G Moto?

Although it may seem unnecessary, you can not build a house from the roof. Theirs is to remember the best of this phone, that’s all. The low-end Motorola is actually just low-end product for its price, it does not come anywhere close to 200 euros. As to your specifications and your software is great and you can actually check rereading this complete analysis of the Moto G.

If you want to see it in action, I recommend watching this video hands-on of the famous smartphone.


One of the best things about this device is that it is a very new device has the latest in Android. Also, until nothing was Google Motorola, which made us think it would be one of the first devices to receive updates. This issue is a bit in the air, but so far has Android 4.4.2 and KitKat.

Not much has changed after upgrading, but hey, it’s always an improvement. Modifications after installing the new firmware can see here.

Where to buy and how to accompany

If you are interested in the Moto G you can buy at stores like free and other online or physical stores, although there are several phone operators subsidize it.


If there is something I like in the Android world is to give to my device (and me) with all kinds of ‘toys’. The Moto G has a whole collection of official accessories, and a string of unofficial add-ons that make it, with a little investment in a mobile different when you want.

Secrets and Tricks

But beyond the basics of any smartphone, is that the Moto G has more than one secret. Not long ago we did an article with some tips to get more out. I recommend you repairers. You will find some instructions that you already know and many features you did not know for sure.

If you are of those who will not conform and with the basics, maybe you please submit your Moto G a greater challenge, you can then follow this tutorial, more complex, and learn how to unlock the boot loader Moto rootearlo G already.


Like any machine, no matter how good, sometimes fails. It is normal and we can help them solve some of the most common mistakes Moto G, for example, sudden changes in sound, widgets failures or failing to install APKs from internal memory.


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