3 false myths of SEO

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I will not talk about the known myths, if you pay Adwords type position yourself well, or MetaKeywords you are good for SEO. I’ll talk about things that, that this is no offense, I even discussed SEO consultants. And what can I say, I think they are wrong.

Because yes, Google wants to make money, it is a business, not a public service, bla bla bla … Oh yes, hide many things, like all organizations, but these 3 points I find it makes no sense that I am other than as I will explain.

SEO1. With your SEO XML sitemap will be better

Nope, Not directly, at least. XML sitemaps have not improved Improved positioning of a site indexing pages. A Google index more pages of your site and faster, but that does not mean that position better. And yet only indexed whatever he wants.

Moreover, as the help of Google Webmaster Tools says, “Google does not guarantee that crawl or index all your URLs.”
In my 4 years as SEO consultant I have seen in all colors, eg creating websites just for SEO pages not linking them from the navigation menu but including them in the sitemaps with highest priority. Sitemaps are useful if your site uses a technology that makes the indexing of some relevant pages, but the engine has many clues to understand the relevance of the content of a page from the rest of the site and with respect to other pages, and their inclusion in sitemap not endorse such good content.

I repeat once again: sitemaps improve the indexing of pages, and this makes them a good tool, in fact essential for Web sites of medium and large size, such as those with which we are accustomed to working in Onetomarket. Because you need to get fast indexing the content, you know they are yours and not another copy to the published 3 seconds, that you fully understand your structure and you facilities Sitemaps pictures, videos, news, etc.. But Google does not like them better position, you will include in your results before, which is very different.

2. With no follow links are useless

Nonsense Links with no follow (the system that launched Google for buying links to position unintentionally) do serve and are part of a natural link profile. They should take no follow links from Wikipedia, from other blogs, web sites you sponsor, comments on blogs in the same industry in which we intervene, etc…

3. Micro data well positioned

Do not. That a successful implementation of micro CTR improves, that is clear, and also say that I am absolutely convinced that in the future is likely to include them as Google SEO factor, which is why the promoting both. But today this is a NO. And, again, I refer you to the help of Webmaster Tools Google: “Keep in mind that Google does not guarantee that you will use the dial enriched you add the content of your pages and said labeled fragments not influence in the position of your pages in search results.” The bold is mine. And in the face of SEO doubt some colleagues, I wonder: but what Google wins lying at this point? If you are clearly interested in people implemented.

Instead, simply announcing that yes I would encourage count more, which is what they want, so it must be true that today do not count.


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